Web Design & Promotions

Tales of the Urban Wild: A Puma's Journey

  • Address Insights

  • Data Application Demo

  • Enrich UI

  • Data Explorer

  • Quality Control Tool

2020 - 2023
Web Design & Engineering


Designed and maintained the Iggy brand and web properties, including the company website, documentation site, customer dashboard, and various other web projects. Deployed product prototypes and data visualizations using HTML, CSS, React, and Node.js.

2010 - 2019
Senior Front-end Engineer


Worked as part of the engineering team to prototype and build visual elements, page layouts, and page interaction. Lead in implementing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript best practices to develop and maintain the Strava design system style guide.

  • EngineYard.com

    Website Design and Maintenance
  • JRubyConf 2010

    Brand Design and Illustration
2008 - 2010
Lead Graphic Designer

Engine Yard

Maintained the Engine Yard website. Design of web graphics and front-end coding for various Engine Yard projects and applications. Graphic design for various marketing needs, including ads, brochures, signage, posters, and other assets.

  • BreastCancerTrials.org

    Website Design and Implementation
  • The Webby Awards

    Design Implementation and Maintenance
  • CocoaBella Chocolates

    Website Design and Implementation
Senior Web Designer


Designed and created accessible websites, applications, and web UIs using standards based XHTML and CSS. Built and implemented HTML and CSS templates for Ruby on Rails web applications.

Other Projects