Tales of the Urban Wild

The website for "Tales of the Urban Wild: A Puma’s Journey", a graphic novel about mountain lions in California by Tiffafny Yap and illustrated by Meital Smith.

Final Version


With the release of Tiffany and Meital's first graphic novel, we needed a dedicated space where people can learn more about the book.


Design and build a web presence – working closely with author Tiffany Yap and illustrator Meital Smith, we ensured that the website design showcases the captivating visuals from the graphic novel.


  • Highlight the book's narrative and illustrations effectively.
  • Highlight upcoming and past events.
  • Display sample pages from the book.
  • Make the site search engine optimized (SEO), responsive, and lightweight.

Design Process

It was crucial to make the site search engine optimized (SEO), responsive, and lightweight. By prioritizing these elements, we aimed to attract organic traffic, provide a seamless viewing experience across devices, and ensure fast loading times. Ultimately, the website serves as a landing site for readers to learn about "Tales of the Urban Wild," helping to promote the book online.

Page Architecture & Wireframes

Page Architecture and Wireframes

Design Exploration and Iterations

Design Iterations
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4

Technical Implementation & Deployment

The site was built using Jekyll as the framework and using HTML, CSS, Javascript to compose the pages. It is deployed to Github Pages.